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We focus on outcomes at Game Changer Therapy Services. We specialize in age-specific play-Based therapy. We base our therapy plans on your child’s unique interests so they love coming back. Your child’s engagement and motivation will maximize their therapy outcomes. Your child will love playing and growing at Game Changer Therapy Services.

Combination Services

We know some families struggle to coordinate services across different specialties and locations. It can also be difficult arrange to transportation. Schedule limitations force families to make hard choices between two equally important services.

Game Changer is the answer. Our program includes occupational therapy , physical therapy, speech therapy, Respite/ CLS Services and ABA therapy together in one clinical setting. We can create schedules with consistent start and end times. This makes our programs more manageable for families. Families also have peace of mind knowing their loved one will benefit from a multidiscipline approach in a team-based environment they will love.

We offer pick-up and drop-off services at each of our clinics. Game Changer now has four transportation vehicles and four full-time drivers. Our team can work with families to help alleviate issues related to service access.




We focus those goals on attaining everyday life skills and independence. We build a plan that will grow with your child so that you see ongoing, positive change.

Occupational Therapy
Behavioral Therapy
Physical Therapy
Speech Therapy
ABA Therapy

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Our ABA programs are unique when it comes to program implementation. Your child receives an individualized program that changes and grows with them. They can enjoy natural environment teaching (NET) as part of the regular programming and not just at break time. Your child’s success outside of therapy is our goal. That’s why we generalize ABA principles to daily life along with DTT trials in the clinic, home and community.


Your family shouldn’t have to choose between the best therapy services and other important commitments. We offer transportation services to support your family’s need to juggle demands. We provide several vehicles as well as dedicated, trained staff available to meet your family’s transportation needs.