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Applied Behavior Analysis

What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a therapy based on the science of learning and behavior.

Behavior analysis helps us to understand:

  • How behavior works
  • How behavior is affected by the environment
  • How learning takes place

ABA therapy applies our understanding of how behavior works to real situations. The goal is to increase behaviors that are helpful and decrease behaviors that are harmful or affect learning.

Our ABA programs are unique when it comes to program implementation. Your child receives an individualized program that changes and grows with them. They can enjoy natural environment training (NET) as part of the regular programming and not just at break time. Your child’s success outside of therapy is our goal. That’s why we generalize ABA principles to daily life along with discrete trial training (DTT) trials in the clinic, home and community.

We focus on outcomes at Game Changer Therapy Services. We specialize in age-specific therapy services that engage our clients. We base our therapy plans on your child’s unique interests so they love coming and participating in our programs. Your child’s engagement and motivation will maximize their therapy outcomes. Your child will love playing and growing at Game Changer Therapy Services.

Our programs also include the surrounding community. Providing ABA services in the community allows for change to occur where parents want to see it the most. Progress in our clinics is awesome but progress in the home and community is a GAME CHANGER! By providing unique community experiences with programming and intervention occurring outside of the clinic in environments commonly utilized by our families we are bridging the gap and increasing the opportunity of progress occurring in those environments with family members.

All ABA programs are written and overseen by some of the best ABA Supervisors in the region. Our supervision teams consist of licensed BCBA’s, QBHP’s and BCaBA’s. At Game Changer our team of ABA Supervisors understand the importance of collaboration, integrity, potential, respect, and excellence as they are held closely as personal and professional core values at Game Changer. Our ABA team also consists of a clinical advisor and site specific clinical specialist to ensure our clients receive the best ABA services in the region.

Meet Our ABA Team

Eryn Laskowski

ABA Program Director

“Game Changer has not only given me the opportunity to help change others lives, it has also changed mine.“

Rylee Davis

Assistant ABA Director

“I love working for a company that is so involved in the community and truly dedicated to their clients, families, and staff. They have been a Game Changer in all of our lives.”

Brianna Ruiz

Assistant ABA Director

“Game Changer goes above and beyond for their clients and staff! Being a part of this team is truly a blessing.”

Ryan Fournier

Ryan Fournier- ABA Supervisor
Davenport Clinical Specialist
ABA Supervisor

“I get to work at a place in a field I ’m so passionate about and at the same time feeling truly supported and recognized by them. It’s a breath of fresh air to know that you work for a place that cares about the efforts you put in on daily basis to help ensure the clients are getting the best services possible! “

Breanna Hodgins-Volk

Bay City Clinical Specialist
ABA Supervisor

“Game Changer provides the opportunity that is required to have an overall rounded experience by working with multiple disciplines including Occupatioal Therapy, Speech Therapy and Physical Therapy. By having these resources available to our supervisors and technicians at any point during services, we are able to help our clients to the best of our capabilities by working with their needs. Along with having a unique experience with working with multiple disciplines, we have a close knit group of supervisors, who are continuously eager to learn new scientific evidence based data, who are available to be referred to and to bounce ideas off of to be able to create the most individualized plan for each of our clients!”

Katie Sova

Shattuck Clinical Specialist
ABA Supervisor

“Working with a multidisciplinary team allows me to never stop learning. I love being able to celebrate all of the victories with my clients both big and small.”

Sierra Hunt

Weiss Clinical Specialist ABA Supervisor

“The fact that everyday we get to come in and make a difference in the family and children’s lives, being a hands on collaboration ensures a team approach to complex issues and reassurance to family’s that we are here for the kids! Every day is a great day to be a Game Changer!”

Erica Miotto

Midland Co-Clinical Specialist ABA Supervisor

“It’s awesome to work with a fun group of people who all support each other as a team with the same goal in mind: progress and growth in our clients in the most fun way possible! The overall energy and positivity in each one of the clinics is contagious.”

Tim Obertein

No Headshot
Midland Co-Clinical Specialist ABA Supervisor

“There aren’t many jobs where you can help families in a way you can with ABA. It’s life changing and feels great when you do it right. It’s also awesome teaching ABA to younger clinicians and seeing them get better at it, often choosing it as a career themselves.”

Al’Kareei Franklin

No Headshot
Lead Behavior Technician

“My favorite thing about working at Game Changer is the amazing environment. Over the last 4 years, I have come into work, and I never feel like I am at work. Game Changer constantly gives opportunities to excel in your role, and potentially grow within the company.”

Emily Casper

ABA Supervisor

“I really enjoy working with children and their families. Through our play-based approach, my clients and I are able to have fun while they are engaged in learning and growing. I appreciate that my career allows me to have a positive impact on their lives.”

Sherry Couture

Sherry Couture
ABA Supervisor

“I love teaching our clients while they are playing in the natural environment.”

Gretchen Bauer

ABA Supervisor

“I love being a BCBA because I get to help kids and their families navigate life in their own way.”

Katrina Doud

ABA Supervisor

“Game Changers for me has truly been a Game Changer. Working with the clients and their families has always been the best part of the job. However, the staff cooperation and collaboration as well as the uplifting and positive atmosphere truly puts Game Changer a step above so many others!”

Chris Roth

ABA Supervisor

“I love coming to work every day and being a part of a positive change in our families ’lives. My favorite part of my job is being able to witness the joy that our kids show when they learn a new skill.”

Jessica Houthoofd

ABA Supervisor

“I enjoy seeing my clients and other children grow and learn not only in ABA, but in other services such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. The work environment is fun and engaging, even on challenging days, it makes coming to work exciting.”

Christine Juers

ABA Supervisor

“I love my job and where I work because of our collaborative work. We are a diverse team with multiple experiences and can share and support each other. I love that I am part of a great team who promotes growth and success of clients and staff. Thank you!”

Michelle Scarbrough

ABA Supervisor

“My favorite part of ABA is the children…Game Changer Therapy is a fantastic place to work because it offers young individuals a safe place to develop functional life skills in an enriched environment with care plans that are created to meet each one’s unique needs, bridging gaps and paving paths for these children to meet their potential.”

Ashley Cline

Ashley Cline


My favorite thing about working in ABA has always been the children. From playing to progressing, watching the kids grow is a wonderful and invigorating experience. Through Game Changer, I’ve watched amazing progress with all the children. Game Changer is a supportive, passionate, and caring environment and it is a privilege to be a part of this amazing team.”

John Berkeypile

John Berkeypile
ABA Supervisor

“I love working at a place that allows me to be an active part of helping kids learn the necessary skills to thrive in the world.”

Jenna Soulliere

ABA Supervisor

I love being a BCBA, and working in ABA, because it’s a good mixture of science and creativity. The principles are based in evidence and research, but no two days or clients are alike. It is so rewarding to see families and clients pass and achieve milestones together, and see their hard work pay off. Game Changer as a company embraces what it is to be a kid, intertwining play into growth, and embracing the different ways everyone learns.”

Christopher Tasior

ABA Supervisor

“I love seeing progress that our kiddos are constantly making, that is the most rewarding part of my job. Game Changer Therapy has their centers set up so the kiddos can be successful and make the progress to achieve the goals that are set for them. I feel like I’m part of a team that cares about the kiddos making this progress and a team that supports each other to assure that this progress is made.”

Cydney Merrihew

ABA Supervisor

I love being a Behavior Analyst and working in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis because it has taught me the skills to provide those diagnosed with autism to live to their fullest potential. Working for Game Changers has not only helped me find my confidence, but provides myself and our consumers opportunities for growth, collaboration, and connection.”

Jordyn Mahar

ABA Supervisor

“Having the ability to work with so many different clients, and to help each of them reach their goals is such an amazing opportunity.”

Kayla Vernier

ABA Supervisor

“I love having the opportunity to use evidence-based practice in the natural environment! ABA allows us to teach functional skills that promote independence to a wide range of clients!”

Rebecca Wilson

ABA Supervisor

I love being an ABA supervisor, because it is incredibly rewarding to see kiddos master their goals. It’s amazing to witness their progress and know that I am making a positive impact on the kids’ and their family’s lives. Game Changer’s gives me the opportunity to continue to expand my knowledge, by the collaboration with our different enhanced health services. I truly love what I do and I don’t see myself in any other field.”