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Shattuck Rd Clinic

A perfect place to get therapy! Our Shattuck location has it all! At 6,000 sq ft Shattuck has large therapy rooms, open NET environments, OT/PT/ST break out rooms and a large turfed/fenced play area.

4860 Shattuck Rd. Saginaw, MI. 48603

Meet The Shattuck Clinic Coordinator

Brandon Ruiz

“I STAND BEHIND GAME CHANGER 100%! I can honestly say “I love my job!“ That is a phrase I have never been able to say! Scott and a Kellie are always present in the clinics and put in a lot of effort making sure that the clients are receiving the very best of therapy. They also give back so much to their staff and the community. I always look forward to coming into work every day, as a Clinical Coordinator I get to be a part of the clients achievements and help our techs along that process along with so much more! Our team of techs, therapists, and supervisors create a positive atmosphere for the clients and definitely make a change in their lives and want them to succeed. Here at Game Changer we are definitely CHANGING the GAME in ABA.”

Kaleb Kolb