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Shattuck Rd Clinic

A perfect place to get therapy! Our Shattuck location has it all! At 6,000 sq ft Shattuck has large therapy rooms, open NET environments, OT/PT/ST break out rooms and a large turfed/fenced play area.

4860 Shattuck Rd. Saginaw, MI. 48603

Meet The Shattuck Clinic Coordinators

Brandon Ruiz

“I STAND BEHIND GAME CHANGER 100%! I can honestly say “I love my job!“ That is a phrase I have never been able to say! Scott and a Kellie are always present in the clinics and put in a lot of effort making sure that the clients are receiving the very best of therapy. They also give back so much to their staff and the community. I always look forward to coming into work every day, as a Clinical Coordinator I get to be a part of the clients achievements and help our techs along that process along with so much more! Our team of techs, therapists, and supervisors create a positive atmosphere for the clients and definitely make a change in their lives and want them to succeed. Here at Game Changer we are definitely CHANGING the GAME in ABA.”

Sara Licht

“I love coming into work daily being open and available for whatever the clinic/technicians need. Also, being a part of the kiddos day to day progress is so rewarding. I think of Game Changer as my second home/family where I’ve grown a very close relationship with some pretty amazing people. I appreciate my position here as clinical coordinator, and look forward to what the future has to hold.”