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Occupational Therapist Scott Staszak founded Game Changer Therapy Services in 2016. “We combine comprehensive pediatric and early-adult therapy services with client interests to maximize outcomes.”

Changing the Therapy Game

Game Changer Therapy Services began by offering occupational therapy services in the home/community and at a local non-profit known as the Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum. Scott saw how his clients benefitted from the use of the children’s museum and its exhibits as part of their therapy services. Game Changer Therapy Services established a reputation for providing comprehensive play-based therapy. We incorporate occupational therapy, behavioral therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy into a functional, community focused, and engaging plan for each child.

Game Changer Therapy Services has now worked with hundreds of clients over the years to create customized therapy experiences. We focus on play-based therapy and helping our clients make functional gains in the home and community. We create therapy plans that integrate well with the patient’s total care plan, including autism-based services.

Game Changer Therapy Clinic
Owner Scott assisting with play based therapy

Game Changer Therapy Services continues to grow. We operate four clinic locations throughout Bay and Saginaw Counties. We have contracts with Bay-Arenac Behavioral Health, Saginaw County Community Mental Health, and Community Mental Health of Central Michigan. We employ 100+ employees in the local community from a diverse range of specialties. Our staff’s specialties include occupational therapy, speech therapy, behavioral therapy, Respite/CLS Services and physical therapy. We are also able to integrate ABA services into our comprehensive plans.

Game Changer Therapy Services focuses on delivering outstanding services that create meaningful functional gain for all our clients. We support and believe in community programs.

Core Values


Game Changer Therapy Services was founded with the conviction that every single person deserves to live their life to their fullest potential. We have a built practice on an integrated therapy approach. We are commitedt to outcomes through client engagement that create the path to potential for children and young adults in our community.


The heart of our Game Changer Therapy Services approach is collaboration. We believe we power outcomes with a collaborative mindset. Our team seeks collaboration with the patients, families and caregivers, educators, healthcare and insurance providers, and the patient’s broader community.


We believe in the power of play therapy because we know it delivers outcomes. We will never stop improving and educating ourselves with new research and information we get from every interaction we have with our patients, families, and communities.


Respect is the foundation of all that we do. We respect our patients and their unique needs. We respect one another for the passion and commitment we each have to help others live their fullest lives. We respect our practice and the importance of constant learning and open minds.


We are committed to the integrity our patients and their families deserve. Our patients’ needs are at the center of every business decision we make.

Scott & Kellie Staszak

Scott and Kellie are passionate about providing comprehensive therapy services that your child will love.

“Its been such a great experience seeing something I am so passionate about help so many families in our community“ – Scott Staszak

Our Team

Scott Staszak
Scott Staszak
Kellie Staszak
Kellie Staszak
Nichole Ulrey
HR Manager
Eryn Laskowski
Eryn Laskowski
ABA Director
Micaela McCallum- Speech Therapist
Rylee Davis
Assistant ABA Director
Micaela McCallum- Speech Therapist
Brianna Ruiz
Assistant ABA Director
Carson Cooley
Finance Director
Chandler Laskowski
Chandler Laskowski
Billing / New Client Intake Director
Tanner Jones
Training Administrator
Chris Volk - Transportation Supervisor
Chris Volk
EHS Assistant Director
Markus Gonzales
Garrett Sheridan
Facilities Supervisor
Marley Fuller
Stacy Tucker
Occupational Therapy Supervisor
Micaela McCallum- Speech Therapist
Micaela McCallum
Speech Therapy Supervisor
Micaela McCallum- Speech Therapist
Creighton McCullough
Community Relations Coordinator